inv# 01-18869

Cal. .36. S# 2347.

The most popular and iconic of Confederate revolvers is the brass frame copies of Colt Navies made by Samuel Griswold in Griswoldville Georgia. This is 2nd Model in standard configuration with half octagonal barrel housing and 7.5” round barrel, serial number “2347” is found stamped on right side of frame, cylinder, and barrel housing. Secondary number “7” is found on loading arm, hammer and triggerguard. The wedge which appears original from its time of use is from a COLT numbered 08074. Cryptic “O” is found bottom of barrel near latch, back of cylinder, frame, trigger guard, and backstrap. Matching Roman numeral “IIII” is cut into the trigger guard and backstrap. Original wood grips have “thumb rest” cutout on left side.

This revolver tells the story of Confederate manufacturer, casting flaws are quite evident in the brass, twisted iron uses for the cylinder is easily observed. All in all, this is an attractive original and authentic Griswold properly marked throughout.