inv # 02-14528

Overall length: 26 1/2″
Blade length: 19 3/4″

An exceptionally rare example of a “C S” marked artillery short sword, possibly manufactured in or around Mobile, Alabama. Few of these pattern swords are known and even fewer are known stamped “C S” on the grip. At the beginning of the Civil War, the South has few armories and few factories capable of producing arms. Several small arms manufacturers began operations across the vast southern landscape. This sword is a product of one of those small southern arms manufacturers that sprang up to fill the needs of the Confederacy. Blade has a slightly raised medial ridge and it narrows sharply near the hilt. The brass guard is marked, “X X X X” and the throat on the scabbard has a corresponding “X X X X” scratched near the top of the throat. The grip has 9 raised ridges and is stamped, “C S” just below the bottom ridge. The pommel is ovoid in form. Brass mounted leather scabbard with a frog stud on the throat. Leather scabbard has 2 incised lines on either edge of the front.