inv # 01-15780

Caliber: 45 Colt

Barrel: 4  5/8″

Stock: Type 2 eagle hard rubber grips

Notes: The incident known as the Johnson County War took place in April, 1892 in Johnson County, Wyoming. Large scale cattlemen belonging to the “Cheyenne Club” compiled a death list of so called “rustlers” who were small ranchers, cowboys & others seen as opponents of large ranching interests. The cattlemen assembled a group of approx. 50 gunmen, including 23 Texans. Major Frank Walcott, a Civil War Union officer from Kentucky was the informal leader of the group. After outfitting in Cheyenne & Casper, they rode to the KC ranch in Johnson County where they killed Nate Champion & Nick Ray. They then set out for the TA ranch. A posse of up to 200 locals led by Sheriff Red Angus, pinned down the gunmen for 2 days until a state of insurrection was declared by President Benjamin Harrison. The Army stopped the fighting & took the arrested “invaders” to Fort DA Russell in Cheyenne, now known as Francis E. Warren Air Force base.

Thanks to the list compiled by Major Walcott, the guns belonging to the gunfighters are known to collectors today. Major Walcott’s list shows this Colt as belonging to J.C. Johnson, a Texan.

Frame, trigger guard & backstrap have matching numbers. Cyl. has “P” inspector’s mark. This revolver is also listed by S# on pg. 234 of “COLT PEACEMAKER ENCYCLOPEDIA VOLUME 1” by Keith Cochran.

Status: Antique