Exceptional Cased Pair Of Gentlemans Flintlock Dueling Pistols By Joseph Manton. (1822).
inv # 01-16642

Caliber: 38-bore (about .49 cal)

S#: 8017

This beautiful pair of pistols have 10″ octagonal brown striped barrels with fine hair rifling, bottom ribs. Inset case-hardened patent breeches have platinum touch holes and two platinum bands. “John Manton & Son” and “DOVER STREET” is engraved on top flat, silver blade front sight and fire blued fixed notch rear sight. Breech tang engraved with globe, Britannia shield and scrolls. Finely engraved locks with feathered borders and scroll design, waterproof pans have inset platinum line at base aligning with platinum touch hole, rear mounted fire blued sliding safeties, engraved “John Manton & Son / PATENT”. Bridled roller frizzens are engraved en suite “Joseph Manton Patent”, top jaws relief engraved with sunbursts. Fire blued trigger guards terminate forward to engraved pineapple finials. Trigger bows have panoply of arms engraved with serial numbers in ribbons. Fine checkered burl walnut stocks have rounded butts. Silver inset thumb plates engraved with crest of “pelican feeding young in nest” above script initials “IS” or “JS”. Forestocks have horn tips, fire blued steel engraved rear thimbles. Barrels attach to stocks with fire blued keys through oval silver escutcheons. Wood ramrods have brass tips.

Status: Antiques