inv # 01-17708 

Cal. 7.65mm Luger.
S# 6.

Arguably THE MOST IMPORTANT Luger in private hands; one of only two known M1898 Lugers Referenced by Sturgess as “Transitional 1899 Prototype II”; a bridge between the Borchardt and production Luger with many unique features. Factory prototype with 4.75” bbl., drift front sight and “V” notch rear sight. Unmarked chamber and no manufacturer marking on middle toggle link. The serial number “6.” is marked on the forward frame, firing pin, rear link, trigger, takedown lever, receiver lug and inner surface of each grip. Breechblock is #17 and intertwined “GL” on rear toggle link. In contrast to production pistols, or even the preproduction M1899/00 pistols as trialed in Switzerland, this pistol has a number of novel developmental features. For example, it has a unique method of sideplate attachment having a fixation hole in its forward extension that links to the trigger (also of unusual design). The spring securing the magazine release button is set at a 45 degree angle with respect to the frame. Instead of a frame mounted safety lever, there is a spring-tensioned grip safety (different from the later M1899 pistols) mounted to the left side. Depression of the safety rotates a blocking bar down, allowing the sear to move and the pistol to fire. Inserted into the left side of the grip safety is a lockable, sliding safety bar; well shown in Swiss Patent 18623 of 2 January 1899. As true for other early Lugers, the firing pin is non-fluted and, as per later trial pistols, actuated by a double-wrapped spring. One of 20 pistols in the May 1899 Swiss Testing Trials, it was later updated to have a shorter, unnumbered 4.75” barrel, improved breechblock (now numbered “17”) and forward toggle link (originally with a squared extension, now with the later, rounded configuration). The rear link remains original with matching number and impressed with the GL monogram. Grips are reminiscent of the Borchardt, being meticulously checkered and with a generous, highly varnished border; the same as the later guns supplied to the Swiss trial guns. MAGS: 3 tin plated 8 rd. TOTAL (all near excellent); pistol fitted with correct flat button magazine plus plain wood plug having GL monogram on base! Two spare flat button magazines with unmarked bases. 

Status: Antique