inv# 21-1523

S# 32562. Finding a pre-69 Grand American Model 21 in 20 Ga. is rare enough, but finding one with an extra set of 410 bbls. is beyond compare. In these guns the 20 Ga. frame was used for all smaller gauges & 20 Ga. barrel blanks were also used for barrels. Adapting these blanks to accommodate the 410 cartridge entailed an amazing amount of work as the blanks had to be slimmed & tapered to reduce barrel weight. Frames were invariably of flat side form and had water table extensively milled out to reduce weight. Barrel flats also had milling cuts. This gun is fitted with two 28″ barrel sets both with raised, matted, ventilated ribs with red “Bradley” front beads. Rear portions of ribs are marked “CUSTOM BUILT BY WINCHESTER” in milled out ovals. Later guns by U.S Repeating Arms eliminated the word “by”. Model, gauge & chamber information are marked on tops of left barrels. There are 3 3/8″ triangles of scroll engraving at breech ends. Engine turned barrel flats stamped with matching S#’s, Winchester proofs and identical inspector’s marks. Bottoms of barrels marked “WINCHESTER PROOF STEEL” and both Barrel sets are marked for “Mod.” and “Full” chokes. 20 Ga. barrels stamped “1” on loop while 410 barrels are stamped “2”. Small size, flat sided, blued Model 21 action has no markings except for Winchester proof on milled out water table. S# on top tang does not have the “W” prefix. as used post 1969. Action features automatic safety, (safe inlaid in gold), engine turned breech face and gold plated single selective trigger.

Action engraved in Grand American style with near full coverage, varying sized scroll within line and feather borders. This scroll surrounds scenes of dogs and birds in appropriate settings, major subjects are flush and inlaid in gold. A pointing setter is in mountainous terrain on left side of action and an alert pointer is in similar surroundings on right. Trigger plate has circular vignette of cock and hen pheasant flushing from open meadow. The portrait of a Spaniel (possibly custom ordered) is on trigger guard bow. Fences are deep relief carved in oak leaf and acorn motif. This work looks to be by either John or Nick Kusmit, highly regarded factory engravers of the period. Pistol grip buttstock is of a superb piece of crotch figured American walnut. Steel cap is scroll engraved & gold inlaid “GRAND AMERICAN” within gold line border. Stock is 21-B carved and checkered with multiple fleur de lis and ribbons through checkering pattern and a scroll flourish into butt. Stock measures 14 1/2″ over checkered wood butt with fleur de lis at top. A vacant gold oval is on toeline. Each barrel set has its own dedicated beavertail ejector forend, marked 1 or 2 at front of engine turned iron. Forends are braced and feature flush inlet ebony tips, B-carving, ejectors and usual J-spring and knurled button releases. MEASUREMENTS: 20 gauge bbls.: DAH: 2 7/16″+. DAC: 1 9/16″. Cast: 0. WEIGHT: 7 lbs. 3 oz.. 410 gauge bbls.: DAH: 2 1/2″. DAC: 1 9/16″. WEIGHT: 7 lbs. 8 oz.

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