inv # 20-886

Cal. 7.7 Jap.
S# 3.

Late World War II Type 5 semi automatic rifle rarely seen in the US. Japan made several efforts before & during World War II, to develop a semi automatic military rifle. Models were based on the US Pedersen, Czech VH-29 & domestic designs. Japanese experiments on captured US M1 rifles found that the Garand would function w/ 7.7mm ammunition, but the Garand clip was not compatible with 7.7mm cartridge & would not feed reliably. The Japanese based their Type 5 rifle on the M1 Garand design by using a fixed 10 rd. box mag. fed by 5 rd. stripper clips. According to “Military Rifles of Japan” by Fred Honeycutt, it is believed that Yokosuka Naval Arsenal made parts for approx. 200 rifles. Mr. Honeycutt further states that the die stamps used in serializing the parts of the Type 5 rifle are similar to those used to serialize the “Special Type 99 Naval Rifle”, giving credence to the idea that Yokosuka Naval Arsenal produced the Type 5 rifles. At least 2 souvenir Type 5 semi automatic rifles were obtained at Yokosuka Naval Arsenal by occupation troops. The Type 5 rifle differs from the M1 Garand in many details & was given Japanese features including side mounted sling swivels, tangent aperture rear sight graduated to 1,200m w/ windage adj. & inverted V front sight w/ protective ears. Bbl. 22 7/8”. Rifle is marked only w/number “3” stamped underneath chamber at bottom of bbl. No other markings are visible on any parts. Has bayonet lug. 3 Piece hardwood stock set, buttstock having standard 2 piece construction w/ grasping grooves & cup type buttplate.

Status: CURIO