Fine Polychrome Tansel Family Powder Horn w/ Rhyme
inv # 02-13781 

This is among the most pleasing Tansel family horns you will find with rarely seen 4-line rhyme “IN THIS INSTRUCTIVE GLASS – BEHOLD THY LIFE DECAY / OH SPEND NOT THEN THY DAYS – W SINS PERVICIOUS ROAD / REDEEM THY PRECIOUS TIME / ACQUAINT THYSELF WITH GOD”. It was carved by one of Francis Tansel’s sons, most likely Timothy (signed Tin) 11″ overall, exhibits fine scrimshawed classic well executed Tansel designs, 3-1/2″ spread-winged eagle with 11 stars and riband reading “E. PLURIBUS UNUM”, large 3 ½” well detailed Black Hawk Indian shooting bow and arrow, a running deer, two dogs, President Andrew Jackson with tophat on horseback holding riding crop. Classic fish mouth engrailing enhanced with v-notch cuts at spout end with drapery border, bulbous spout.

Ex-Howard Giles collection, Houston, TX
Richard Cowles, Sweetwater, NJ 1975