inv# 03-1500

Cal. 5.56. S# 9537698. Bbl. 20″.

There are few firearms that have attained the popularity of the Colt 16. For many of us our first introduction to this then futuristic weapon system was passed along in stories by often disgruntled servicemen who had only recently had their beloved M-14 taken away & replaced w/ this new plastic menace. Early service in SE Asia had spawned several stories of failure & disappointment which would later be refined w/ only a few sm. changes & the use of correct ammunition. Hollywood was close behind by portraying the current events & social unrest relating to the war w/ this gun. Since this time w/ the intervention of countless hours of research & development along w/ the participation of numerous entrepreneurs, the semi-automatic version, the AR-15, has become the most popular modern sporting rifle in the nation.

This particular example the M16A1 has a chrome bore & A2 flash hider. Circular A2 style full length handguard secured w/ straight wall delta ring protected post elevation adj. front sight w/ incorporated bayonet lug & bottom sling swivel. Carry handle mounted E1 windage adj. rear peep sight. Teardrop forward assist & serrated bolt carrier. Raised fence lower receiver marked as follows “COLT – M16 A1 – CAL. 5.56 MM.” on left side mag-well. “COLTS FIREARMS DIVISION – COLT INDUSTRIES – HARTFORD CONN. – U.S.A.” located on left side forward of selector. Safety / selector markings are “SAFE – SEMI – AUTO”. Full length 10″ trapdoor buttstock w/sling loop on bottom.

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