inv # 20-343

Cal. 45 ACP.
Bbl. 2 1/2”.

A historic reflection of yankee ingenuity that was once only spoken of only in the spy manuals. The Liberator pistol was covertly mfg. over a 10-11 week period in 1942 by the Guide Lamp division of General Motors. This single shot, last ditch effort, tool of resistance was crudely made from spot welded sheet metal to supply friendly forces behind enemy lines as a means to defend one’s self & acquire proper arms to continue the fight. These were made entirely w/ function emphasized over form. Crude sights, no rifling, not even finish, was part of the final product nor would it prove to be necessary. The loading/firing sequence of the Liberator was simple & straight forward; pull back & rotate the striker assembly 90 degrees either direction, lift the loading gate which doubled as a crude rear sight & insert the 45 ACP rd., close the loading, pull back the striker & rotate into firing position & it was ready to go. Upon squeezing the trigger the striker would be forced to the rear before slamming forward, initiating firing. This sequence could be repeated as necessary, though longevity & repetition were never a high priority. Though it was originally designed w/ the European theatre in mind, most examples ended up being dropped in China & the Phillipines.

Status: Curio