inv# 01-18973

Cal. 44 Henry Rimfire. S# 12188.

The iconic Henry Repeating Rifle was introduced by the New Haven Arms Company in 1860. Built around the new 44 rimfire cartridge, it had unprecedented rapidity of fire. The brass frame is silver finished w/ hand engraving by the renowned Samuel J. Hoggson. Engraving consists of wedges of vine type foliate scroll w/ beaded backgrounds & dbl. line borders on receiver sides & sideplates, extending to top portions of the receiver & tang as well as buttplate peak. Left sideplate features a hunting dog on point. Bbl. 24 1/4″ oct. w/ integral mag. Forward portion of bbl. has 5″ shroud that rotates for loading. German silver blade front sight & 1,000 yd. graduated sporting leaf rear sight. Straight grip stock of fancy burl grain black walnut has a trap door brass buttplate of the late style w/ a pointed profile at the toe. Left side of stock has 2 screw inletted sling swivel.

Front sling swivel is mounted on the right side of bbl. & mag. tube. Left inside of the upper tang stamped “F”, left inside of lower tang marked w/ assembly # “11” followed by S # “12188”, which matches the S# on the top flat of the bbl. between receiver & sight. Top tang channel of stock & inside of the buttplate are also marked w/ matching S# “12188”. The Henry was the predecessor of the famed Winchester 1866, approx. 14,000 were produced 1860-1865. 

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