inv# 01-19201

Cal. about 40. NSN. Before the Revolutionary War, Eve Ernst, her husband & six children were attacked by marauding Indians. Eve was taken captive. After about 12 years, she was ransomed by the British & exchanged after the Revolution, then walked back to Pennsylvania w/ her son, Henry. Henry eventually married & moved to Westmoreland County, PA. His son, Jacob Earnest (Ernst) was born Jan. 2nd, 1805. Jacob’s flintlock rifles are considered among the finest made in Westmoreland County. Bbl. 40 3/4″ oct. measuring 15/16″ across flats. Top flat is marked w/ initials “J” & “E” having 8 point star between them. Side lug style percussion conversion. Engraved percussion trade lock. Dbl. set triggers. Pin fastened full length curly maple roman nose stock w/ cheekpiece. Right side has rectangular lid pierced & segmented brass patchbox w/ fancy finial having bow & arrow engraving on lid. Lid release is in brass toeplate. Other brass fittings include crescent buttplate, finger curl trigger guard, sideplate, nose cap, thimble & 2 pipes. German silver oval cheekpiece plate has feather style engraving. Hardwood ramrod. WEIGHT: 7 lbs., 15.4 oz. “American Gunsmiths” by Frank Sellers has the following listing “EARNEST, JACOB, (1805-1884). Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania, 1836-1884. Flintlock Kentucky rifle. (Bowers).

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