“John Darby” French & Indian War Polychrome New York Map Horn
inv # 02-13786 

This exact horn is pictured in John Dumont’s American Engraved Powder Horns, 1978. 12” overall. This professionally carved horn has superior artistic detail and addition of colors and fine surface make this a remarkable piece of historic art. The central panel of shield: “JOHN / DARBY /LIEUt COL / AD 1762” above a panoply of arms, British flags, lion. New York City is shown with ships in the harbor with British flags, all the normal cities along the rivers, Albany, Schenectady and Half Moon Tavern, and the various forts, many with interesting dialectic spellings. A large British coat of arms is topped with a vignette of London with ribbon reading “BRITANIA”. “Carrick” signed at the top is thought to be name of the professional carver of this horn.

John Darby was a career British officer like his father and his son. He entered service with the 17th Regiment of Foot as a captain in November of 1748. He became major to the regiment in 1756 landing in Halifax with Col. John Forbes. He became lieutenant colonel in 1759, retiring in 1775. John Darby thus commanded the regiment for much of the Seven Years War, Pontiac’s Rebellion, and for its peacetime postings until the eve of the American Revolution. His father John Darby had served the Duke of Marlborough for over 36 years retiring as a major. His son William John Darby also a career military officer served throughout the Revolutionary war, was captured at Cowpens, later exchanged and returned to England in 1783.