inv # 20-892 

Cal. 308.
S# 032.
Bbl. 25” over flash hider.

JRW SAR60 is arguably the most sought-after civilian variant of the iconic M60 GPMG work horse to ever hit the market, unfortunately they were only mfg. in sm. numbers due to the untimely passing of the CEO John Weaver. The M60 replaced the 30 Cal. Browning Machine Gun, which had been a primary weapon for the U.S. Military for 40 years prior.

The M60 had several advantages over the Browning, primarily portability & the quick-change bbl. The M60 has several functional characteristics that lead back to the German MG42 & FG42. It utilizes a top cover & 2 step shuttle feed mechanism for ease of loading, accessing & clearing. Outwardly, there isn’t anything to distinguish the JRW from an early original GPMG w/ the magic contained inside; while the original M60 fires from an open bolt, the JRW utilizes a closed bolt, ingenious striker fire mechanism that actually boasts a smooth trigger. Rearward of the flash hider is the original bipod retained between it & the front sight of the quick change bbl. mechanism. The removeable handguard has a sling swivel on the left side w/ the signature carry handle to its rear. The rear sight is a ladder style, adj. from 300-1,100 meters. The left side of the feed tray has a hanger for belt, box or bag. The fire control group is accessed on the left side & cycles between fire or safe. Below the receiver is the pin that interfaces w/ a traditional pintle mounting system. Rear stock has a sling swivel mounted on top. Receiver sections are parkerized & receiver markings on the bottom channel behind the pistol grip are as follows: “JRW SAR60 / EDGE WATER, FL. / CAL. .308 SER. NO. 032”.

Status: MODERN.