inv # 20-912 

Cal. 13x92TuF.
S# 4997.

This massive & powerful single shot rifle was designed to give the German soldiers in World War I a countermeasure to British & French tanks, which at first could only be countered by Artillery fire & proved able to penetrate the relatively thin armor of the tanks of that period. Germany had developed an armor piercing bullet for the standard 7.92 rifle, but it was proved ineffective against tanks. The Mauser company began production of the T-Gewehr at Oderndorf in May 1918. The first examples were issued to anti tank detachments. The rifle was operated by a 2 man crew of a gunner & ammunition bearer, who were crossed trained on the use of the rifle. Cartridge had a muzzle velocity of 2,580 fps w/ a steel cored armor piercing bullet & was capable of penetrating 1” of armor at 100m. Bbl. 39”. Matching numbers throughout. Receiver marked on top w/ Mauser banner & “1918”, has crown proofs “G”, “K” on right side. Bbl. marked over chamber “13.01” & 3 crown “K” proofs. Tangent rear sight graduated to 500m. Inverted V front sight. Bolt has straight handle & dual opposed locking lugs at front & rear. Safety & firing mechanism similar to 98 Mauser action. Hardwood stock. Stock has steel takedown hole on left side below rear edge of receiver ring. Buttstock has 2 piece construction similar to Japanese rifles. Has vertical wooden pistol grip. Stock marked on belly w/ crown “K” & “W” proofs. Stock is made w/out buttplate. Bbl. band has attachment for bipod. 

 Status: CURIO.