inv # 20-884 

Cal. 7x57mm.
S# 00052.
Bbl. 22”.

An extremely interesting & unusual Johnson semiautomatic rifle. Significant prior research has been interesting in determining the pedigree of this gun. According to the records of a previous owner, sold in estate, over a decade ago, it was believed to be an experimental model; a cross between the standard Model 1941 Semiautomatic rifle & the Model 1941 light machine gun. Some of the other rare Johnson models included in that specific estate auction were once housed in the Winchester Museum & it is possible that this was yet another example although we have not come into possession of any specific documentation to confirm it. It is also possible that it was a non factory assembled rifle built from a modified JSAR receiver w/ an LMG lower, as a few others that have been spotted around the country.

Marked “Ejercito Mexicano / 00052” on the top of the receiver & “Systema Johnson / Model 1941 Calibre 7mm / Fabrica de Armas / Provenance R.I., USA” on the right side of the receiver above the pistol grip. Triangle “CRANSTON ARMS CO” below Dutch acceptance mark on upper receiver between bolt & stock on right side. There is a circular perforated bbl. shroud similar to the Model 1941 LMG. The bbl. & sight system appear to be correct for the LMG family. The markings on the bbl. portion that intersect w/ perforated bbl. shroud reads “30-36” in the 12 o’clock position above the bbl. & “41” at the 6 o’clock position below the bbl. Folding, extendable bipod below bbl. in front of fore arm. There is a dust cover on the right side of the receiver, directly opposite the mag.-well, for charging the mag. w/o removing it from the firearm. Wood forearm, pistol grip & shoulder stock. The shoulder stock has a metal buttplate & is also very similar to the model 1941 LMG. Sling swivel on front under forward section of bbl. shroud & rear sling swivel at toe portion of rear stock.

Status: MODERN.