inv # 01-18500

Cal. 44.

Most everyone knows the history of Walker revolvers and their association with American troops in Mexico. These guns were made for the US Dragoons in the Mexican War. Capt. Samuel H. Walker, the inspiration to Samuel Colt for the manufacture of these massive 4-pound, 9-ounce revolvers and the Commander of Company B was killed October 9, 1847 in Mexico.

This new revolver to market has mixed numbers, C 126 frame, B 123 cylinder, and D 138 barrel, but is 100% original and authentic. Other mixed number guns exist. This revolver is much better than most Walkers encountered & is original and authentic in every respect with standard configuration 9″ octagonal to round barrel with German silver front sight, very crisp “ADDRESS SAML COLT NEW YORK CITY” on top flat. Right side of barrel housing is marked “US / 1847″ with wedge screw partially obscuring mark. The “8” in date often seen upside down, like here, with the larger loop on top. Barrel retains much of its original finish and has a crisp bright shiny rifled bore. Wedge, trigger guard, arbor, backstrap, and grips all un-numbered but appear original and correct. The profiles and tool marks of un-numbered parts are consistent with Walker manufacture. The grips retain varnish consistent with civilian examples. The backstrap is properly beveled at ears to accept the unique shape of Walker grips at frame.

Cylinder is extremely nice with a near perfect Ormsby rolled “dragoon fight” cylinder scene, serviceable single safety pin. The cylinder is properly serial numbered “B COMPANY 123” in tiny font. The cylinder also has partially discernible sequence number “563” stamped on back. As B Company guns were made after C and A, and sequentially numbered starting with C #1, 220 guns made in C & A, sequential number for B 123 would be the sum of 220, 220, 123 which is “563”. “D COMPANY 138” is found on left side of barrel housing. The loading assembly is original and retains much of its original case color as does frame and hammer. This is an authentic Walker revolver that presents beautifully with more finish than only a handful of other survivors.

Robert Whittington in “The Colt Whitneyville-Walker Pistol” lists “C” Company No. 126 and “B” Company No. 123 among the 168 survivors known at time of publication. This gun has been in NYC collection for over 30 years. Accompanied by an authentication letter by Bobby Vance, Briggs, TX. One of only two living Colt Walker experts from the 2003 Texas Gun Collectors Parade of Walkers.

Assessment by Bobby Vance:


Click here to read an excerpt from The Colt Whitneyville-Walker Pistol By Lt. Col. Robert D. Whittington, III