inv# 01-18936

Cal. approx. 22. NSN. Bbls. approx. 2 1/2″. Overall length of cane: 33 3/8″. An extraordinary 6 shot pepperbox percussion pistol is housed inside this innocent wooden cane. 6 Approx. 22 cal. rds. are fired simultaneously w/ 1 percussion cap. If the 6 rds. do not do in your assailant, a 5 3/4″ square stiletto blade extends from the muzzle of the pepperbox. The pepperbox & stiletto have a blued finish throughout. The cane handle, that also forms the handle of the pepperbox, consists of a lg. shaped horn handpiece w/ 3/4″ of wooden shaft flanked by gilded brass ferrules. The top ferrule has a sm. mark that reads, “BRIGG LONDON”. Brigg is an internationally known British cane, umbrella & whip maker renowned for their quality & craftsmanship since 1836. The shaft of the cane is light colored wood, possibly bamboo. The 1 3/8″ tip is brass & has turned decoration.

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