inv# 21-32

Cal. 45 ACP. S# C43414. Bbl. 5”.

Mfg. May 29, 1916 per 2015 Colt letter that further states no other records available. For Russia’s desperate need of firearms they sought foreign manufacturers. They ordered 66,000 from Colt becoming 2nd largest purchaser of 1911s. Approx. 51,000 shipped through Britain and financed by J.P. Morgan. Left side of frame at front marked in Cyrillic with “English Order”. Approx. 15,000 shipped directly from Colt without the markings. Shipments took place from 1914-1916. Especially scarce example due to the fact that Russia did not engage in foreign firearms trade, so most serviceable firearms remained in the country. Right side of slide has standard commercial markings. Left side has per Wilson’s reference book correct patent date markings but slightly unusual in that rampant Colt is at rear of slide rather than between lettering; much like period military markings. Also, Colt name and address is more like style having C of Colts to the left of H in Hartford rather than the reverse.

Barrel marked in front of legs with “P” and faint larger “K”. Top of frame marked “T” and “S” by disconnector. Left side of trigger guard with “VP” proof plus “D” near mag. release; right side blank. All period correct features including double diamond walnut grips. MAGS: 1 very good cleaned 2 toned 7 rd. with lanyard loop. Blued follower with unused appearance. 1/4 “ spot of oxidation near top of spine. Bright portion with appearance of buffing; especially notable at latch slot. Top rear of feed lips appear reshaped.

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