inv# 01-19046

Cal. 36 Thuer Centerfire.
S# 164407.

Made between 1869 & 1872 w/ a total production of approx. 5,000, this was Colt’s first revolver chambered for a metallic cartridge. This cartridge was made of brass & tapered to be loaded from the front of the cyl. in normal percussion fashion. The original 7 1/2″ oct. bbl. marked “ADDRESS COL. SAM l COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA” is unaltered except for hand filing a loading channel on right side of assembly lug area. The original loading lever is also used, but the face of the rammer is threaded to accept Thuer priming punch. New cyl. is bored to accept tapered cartridges which needed to be made to very close tolerances. The conversion ring has 1868 patent date & is fitted w/ firing pin. It pivots to the right to be in firing position & to the left to be in eject position w/ slot at top, engraved “E”. When in this position, lowering the hammer on a secondary “firing pin,”actuates dbl. cams in the conversion ring which push on the bottom of cartridge initiating extraction. The ring & cyl. are both stamped w/ assembly number “2”. Left forward part of frame stamped “COLT’S” “PATENT”. Brass grip frame stamped “36 Cal”. One piece walnut grips are varnished.

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