Rare & Fine American Maple Stocked 1st Model Brown Bess
inv # 01-17803 

This unique brown Bess musket is documented and photographed in a 5-page article published in October 1971 Gun Report. .79 caliber, 61 ½” overall, 45 ½” barrel, metal parts are all 1st model Brown Bess, the stock is curly maple. Engraved on the underside of the barrel, near the breech reads: “JW / Hd. Ms / 1776”. The 5-page 1971 article by Willard C. Cousins is available to anyone wanting to read the history of this musket. The article also showed an accompanying 18” bladed bayonet which was lost from the estate, a similar unmarked Brown Bess bayonet with 17” blade accompanies musket now.

Ex-Willard C. Cousins collection (1897-1980)
Pictured and described in Gun Report article: JOSEPH WETHERBEE PATRIOT-GUNSMITH, HARVARD, MASS 1725-1809, October 1971, pps 56-60 (click here to read)