inv# 01-18834

Cal. .62. SN 219.

25” smoothbore. “The model 1839 shotgun is one of the most scarce of all Paterson firearms. It was also the most powerful and devastating of basic models. The shotgun has always held a reputation for shock and the most frightful of wounds.” Wilson p 223, “Paterson Colt Book”. This is a beautiful example retaining much original finish with crisp markings. 3.5” long cylinder is roll engraved with 3 panel design signed by Waterman L. Ormsby of deer, Indian, and eagle & shield motif along with “Patent Arms Manufactory / Paterson N. Jersey” and “COLT’S PATENT”. Right side of braised-on barrel lug has “snake and star” on either end of script patent markings.

Capt. George J Raines, US Marine Corps wrote a letter to Samuel Colt August 1840 after testing a shotgun: “Friend Colt, I have examined the gun called ”shot gun” and consider that weapon much more superior for war purposes [than] the carbine; inasmuch as it admits of being loaded with buck and ball cartridges which is the most efficient in Indian warfare. The carbine does not and the caliber is rather small while the bore of the shotgun is nearer to that of our muskets– consequently can be loaded with the ball alone or buckshot or buck & ball a variety of which the musket commits and which is very desirable.” From p 53 Sutherland & Wilson “The Book of Colt Firearms” 1971.