inv # 01-17755

.75 cal, 53.5” overall, 39.25” round barrel with a large brass blade sight, forward of sight engraved “No. 109”. Ramrod is engraved “No. 119”. There are no other discernible markings other than small proof near barrel breech. Brass mounted and described by George Neumann as infantry musket 1777-1798 with nearly identical features of caliber, length, arrowhead finial trigger guard, undulating design on butt plate tang with 2 screws, pinned barrel, raised stock rib parallel to the ramrod channel, large convex screwheads on rear of buttplate, straight flat lock with beveled edges and faceted pan and flat cock. Warren Moore in his text also shows a nearly identical gun (S-49) stating “type purchased from Holland by Benjamin Franklin for use by the American colonial troops in the Revolutionary war”