inv# 01-19379

Cal. 40. NSN.

Great example of a uniquely American swivel breech percussion rifle as built by various New York makers in the later half of the 19th Century. “American Gunsmiths” by Frank M Sellers lists: Fox, Horace, born 1815, died 1882 as maker of percussion rifles & pistols specializing in multi-barrels. Locations listed are “Tionesta, Pennsylvania, 1850c, Corry, Pennsylvania, Hydetown, Pennsylvania, Jamestown, New York, Carroll, New York, 1860c, Frewsburg, New York, 1870-1882d”. Bbls. 30 1/4″ three bbl. cluster. Bbls. are rnd. of cast steel w/ fluted ribs & numbered “1”, “2” & “3”. All bbls. are marked “H.FOX / JAMESTOWN / N.Y.”. Steel tipped ebony ramrod is held by a 9″ thimble & 2 iron pipes w/ fluted side ribs. Each bbl. has a dovetail blade front sight mounted on raised elliptical bases. Rnd. bodied swivel breech iron action. Bbl. cluster rotates by hand & clicks into battery position for each bbl. Back action lock on right side w/ high percussion hammer having serpent’s head engraving w/ checkered curled spur. Left side has matching sideplate. Lockplate, sideplate, hammer, trigger guard & top tang have ribbons of wheat chaff style engraving w/ straight & wavy line borders that extend to rear plate of bbl. cluster. Top tang is fitted w/ an adj. heart shaped lollipop peep sight. Dbl. set triggers. Fancy walnut stock has graceful swan neck style wrist. Both sides of stock are fitted w/ circular lid patch boxes, iron bases are fastened by 4 screws & have borderline engraving. Lids have German silver covers w/ 5 point star engraving. Iron fittings include finger curl trigger guard & crescent buttplate.

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