inv # 02-12106

An exceptional, visually impactful set of armor w/ matching dragoon helmet from France’s Louis Philippe period, also know as the July Monarch which extended from 1830 to his abdication on 1848.

Cuirass: heavy combat grade full cuirass consisting of both front & back plates w/ attachment chains & clips. The cuirass features a heavy steel body w/ riveted brass facings on the front & measures approx. 16 1/2″ x 15″. In the center of the chest is a 7 1/4″ x 6″ steel sunburst w/ a brass plate depicting a French eagle on lightning bolts surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves & laurel. The interior is stamped on the left shoulder “1T 2L” & “1393”. It is further marked at the skirt in script “Manuf R.’ol de Klingenthal _illet 1833” & “1T 2L No1393”. The skirt is marked in script “Manuf R.’ol de Klingenthal Jbs 1832” & “1T 2L No1719”. After this mark, there is  stamped that reads “20”.


Helmet: A visually stunning French dragoon helmet from the Louis Philippe period. Helmet has a brass body w/ tall brass comb. Front of comb features the head of a god over a flaming bomb. Atop the comb is a plume holder w/ black horsehair plume. A leopard patterned fur band surrounds the base of the helmet. Chinstrap is interlocking brass rings backed by leather. A long, flowing 26″ black horse hair tail is attached to the back of the helmet. Brass front & rear visors. A red, white & blue feather plume adorns the left side of the helmet. The interior of the visors are finished in green leather. Brown 9 finger leather liner.