Sunday March 31ST

1) CIVIC MODEL CURVED DIP. Helmet has a black painted finish w/ a pair of 7 hole vents on each side. Left side has a police decal. The right has a red, white & black party decal. Black chinstrap. Full size 56 liner. CONDITION: finish is about 85%. Decals are 95+%. Chinstrap & liner show light wear.
2) BEADED M1935 LUFTSCHUTZ. Helmet has a black painted finish w/ lg. Luftschutz decal on the front. Black chinstrap. Size 58 brown liner. Back of helmet has a red, white & black decal that reads “Eigntum der Reichshauptstadt Berlin (walking bear)1940”. CONDITION: finish is approx. 92%. Decal is 90%. Chinstrap is a bit dry but unbroken. Liner shows light to moderate wear.
3) BEADED M1940. Helmet has a dark blue painted finish w/ a spurious SS decal on the right side & partial Party decal on the left. Helmet has no chinstrap, liner or band. Helmet has post WWII alterations. CONDITION: finish is 70%. SS decal is 60%. Part decal is 10%. (02-12286-13(3)/BF). $450-650.

1) Standard half moon gorget w/ aluminum body. Central insignia consists of 4 flags w/ a central wreath in gold surrounding a veteran’s organization shield in black, red & white enamel w/ a 25 year button above. Above the central insignia is engraved “Kriegerkmeradschaft 1900 Kohden”. Decorative chain buttons w/ gold chain featuring alternating Maltese crosses w/ party insignia. Blue wool backing.
2) Standard half moon gorget w/ aluminum body. Central insignia consists of 4 flags w/ a central wreath in gold surrounding a veteran’s organization shield in black, red & white enamel w/ a 25 year button above. Decorative chain buttons w/ gold chain featuring alternating Maltese crosses w/ party insignia. Blue wool backing. CONDITION: gorgets show light wear overall. (02-12286-12(2)/BF). $800-1,200.
2461. 3/19/19 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: 5 1/4″ x 3 3/4″ black & white photograph of a Luftwaffe corporal in a similar uniform posed w/ his wife or girlfriend.

Gold finished gorget features a lg. central political eagle w/ an oak leaf border around the entire gorget. Backing is green felt. 1 Rear tab has “RZM M1/102”. Chain features alternating bent wing political eagles w/ Party symbol & oak leaves. CONDITION: gorget shows light wear. Backing has noticeable moth damage. (02-12286-11/BF). $800-1,200.

Gorget is a modified crescent shape in black & aluminum finish. Gorget has a central NSKK eagle w/ the words “N.S.K.K. VERKEHRS. ERZIEHUNGSDIENST”. Above the eagle, the number “5056” is separately added & secured on the reverse. 2 Aluminum rivets on the front support the aluminum chain. No backing material. CONDITION: gorget does show some wear w/ minor loss of finish to the front. (02-12286-10/BF). $600-900.

A seldom seen example of a Labor Corps gorget. Standard half moon shape w/ central Labor insignia superimposed over Party symbol. Above the Labor Corps insignia is a ribbon that reads “STREIFENDIENST”. The Streifendienst was the special security service in the RAD. Gorget is nickel plated w/ aluminum chain & field gray/green wool backing. CONDITION: gorget shows light use & an exceptional finish. (02-12286-9/BF). $800-1,100.

A scarce example of a Labor Corps gorget. Standard half moon shape w/ central Labor insignia superimposed over Party symbol. Above is a ribbon that reads “STREIFENDIENST”. The Streifendienst was the special security service in the RAD. Gorget is nickel plated w/ aluminum chain & field gray/green wool backing. CONDITION: gorget shows very light use & superior finish. (02-12286-8/BF). $800-1,100.

1) OSS DROP KNIFE. These knives were dropped in the Phillipine Islands by the OSS. This model is fabricated from Model 1913 Patton sword blades w/ black rubber hose handle. 27 5/8″ Fullered dbl. edge blade w/ steel “D” handle having 4 knuckle ridges. Knife has bright blade w/ scattered spots of oxidation & very fine pitting. Handle has sm. dents & light wear. Guard has dark patina appearance.
2) CASE NO. 526 “PIG STICKER”. Commercial knife used by US military. 6 1/4″ Dbl. edge spear point blade marked on left ricasso “CASE”. Left grip panel marked “US”. Hardwood grip panels held by 3 steel rivets. Stitched & riveted brown leather sheath. Blade has been sharpened on both sides w/ noticeable loss of metal at tip. Bright blade has light oxidation, staining & very fine pitting. Walnut grips have staining, light wear & dents. Scabbard has moderate scuffing & wear, but stitching is tight & appears to be in good serviceable condition.
3) MARK 1 TRENCH KNIFE. 6 3/4″ Dbl. edge spear point blade. Cast brass 1 piece handle knuckle duster & crossguard marked on right side “U.S. 1918 L.F & C – 1918”. Conical steel nut pommel. Blade is lightly cleaned turn overall gray w/ patina & scattered fine pitting throughout. Brass handle has pleasing dark patina showing little wear.
4) COLLINS V44 SURVIVAL KNIFE. Knife was developed in 1934 for flying personal in Hawaii & Panama. Was the first US Issue Air Force (“Air Corp”)survival knife & remained standard till 1942. 9 1/4″ Single edge Bowie style blade. Blade marked on right ricasso “COLLINS & CO”, Collins logo & “LEGITIMUS / MADE IN USA / No. 18”. Straight brass crossguard & knob type finial. Black composition handle held by 5 steel rivets. Tooled leather sheath marked “COLLINS / LEGITIMUS / 13”. Blade has notable mottled gray & patina w/ light oxidation & very fine pitting. Blade has been sharpened. Crossguard has appropriate patina. Composition handle has staining & wear. Leather sheath has wear, staining & scuffing. Notable flexing, cracking & spot of missing leather at tip. Belt loop is notably cracked. (02-12284-22/RW). $700-900.

Orange handled w/ bails. Push button release w/ 3″ blade plus lock on handles to avoid accidental release. 2nd Regular blade is gut hook blade. Both in very good clean condition. One w/ somewhat snappier blade performance. 02-12284-24/NW). $100-200.

This extensive & interesting lot consists of a 5′ x 15′ Party banner featuring a black Party symbol on white circular field on a red body. / Silver plated wall plaque of a bust of Adolf Hitler that measures 10″ x 5 1/2″. / Hitler Youth armband. / String of 6 paper Party flag banners. / 3 Stainless steel knife, fork & spoon mess kit sets (1 missing a knife). / Sm. 3″ plaque featuring a winged man above “1937 NSFK” w/ a banner that reads “KUSTENFLUG”. / Blue RLB armband w/ silver bullion border. / Sm. 3 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ RLB sign dated 1934. / Luftwaffe sports shirt eagle. / Dagger hanger for an RAD enlisted hewer. / Set of dagger hangers w/ brown leather straps made by Assman. / NSV 3″ diameter tin plaque. / Miniature SA flag pole top marked “DRGM”. / Red enameled sign that reads “Notbremse Griff nur bei Gefahr ziehen! Jeder Missbrauch wird Bestraft”. / 3″ RLB tin plaque. / Frog for a dress bayonet. / 5 1/2″ Folding knife. / Bronze Mother’s Cross w/ short ribbon. / Poker chip w/ Party symbol. / Enlisted breast eagle. / Early NSKK crash helmet eagle. / RAD Faithful Service medal w/ corn flower blue ribbon. / Aluminum Luftwaffe teaspoon. / Aluminum Luftwaffe tablespoon. / Aluminum Luftwaffe fork. / Aluminum NSDAP fork. / Luftwaffe stainless steel butter knife w/ aluminum handle. / Party armband. / Set of propaganda cards glorifying WWII German soldiers. / Coast Artillery sports shirt eagle. / RKB of the NSKOV armband. / SA Dagger eagle. / Aluminum DAF cog wheel measuring 8″ in dia. CONDITION: condition varies greatly in this lg. lot. Most items show light wear. A few have heavier wear but none have severe damage. (02-12286-7/BF). $800-1,200.

Height is 14 1/4″. Width is 8 1/2″. This visually impactful flag pole top features a lg. chrome plated Party symbol surmounted by a gold shock of wheat & an early Germanic sword. A side of the Party symbol is marked “PRIESSMANN BAUER & CO. MUNCHEN” & “GES. GESCH”. CONDITION: flag pole top shows light overall wear but there is a bit of noticeable tarnish & some finish loss to the wheat & sword. (02-12286-6)/BF). $800-1,200.

1) CANTEEN. Standard WWII German shaped aluminum canteen w/ a navy blue cover & screw top marked “RFI 39”. Aluminum cup has a black painted finish. Bracket on cup is also marked “RFI 39”. Leather closure strap holds cup to canteen body. No carrying strap. CONDITION: canteen shows light wear overall.
2) MESS KIT. A WWI or WWII cooking/mess kit. Kit contains a cup within a covered tin all within a bowl held in place, on top of a cook pan, by the cook pan handle. Tan canvas carrying case marked “35” on the front. CONDITION: pan shows light wear overall w/ some spots of oxidation. Carrying case shows moderate wear. (02-12286-14(2)/BF). $200-400.
2491A. 3/20/19 ADDITIONAL LOT: GROUP OF WWII GERMAN ITEMS. 1) GERMAN WWII FOLDING PARATROOPER DAGGER. RZM & SS marked on brass frame plus Eickhorn blade. Post war mfg. Good overall appearance but missing lock tab. Blade sharpened & cleaned oxidation. (02-12284-20/NW).
2) 3 SS GORGETS, PANZER PLAQUE & CIGARETTE CASE OF WWII GERMAN STYLE. All of these items, in our opinion, appear to be of post WWII mfg. Included is an SS gorget w/ lg. spread winged eagle & SS suspension buttons. The chain has alternating SS & death’s head links. / SS gorget w/ lg. central black SS insignia above a ribbon that reads “STREIFENDIENST”. Decorative chain buttons w/ plain metal chain. / SS gorget featuring an SS officer’s 2 piece buckle rnd. insignia on a gold 8 pointed star. Decorative chain buttons. Plain heavy chain. / 8 1/4″ x 6 1/4″ Wall plaque features a panzer tank running through a forest w/ an engraved plaque below that reads “1ST BTL. 16 TH DIV 2 ND PZ.RGT (flag) 1938-39”. / Cigarette case appears to be German silver w/ initials on the front. A bronzed infantry assault base adorns the front. All of these items in our opinion are post WWII. CONDITION: items show light wear overall. (02-12286-2(5)/BF). $400-800.

1) WWII FIGHTING KNIFE. Overall length: 12 1/4″. A superbly executed fighting knife which appears to be made from the blade of an early sword. It is similar to the fighting knife pictured on pg. 118 of Cole book IV. Steel guard. Curved grip encased in leather. Leather scabbard w/ tie down at bottom. A rare, seldom seen knife.
2) SYKES FAIRBAIRN TYPE KNIFE. Overall length: 11 9/16″. Bright blade w/ a nickel silver elliptical guard stamped “56” on the top. Knurled style brass handle painted field brown. Brown leather scabbard w/ German silver tip. Belt loop attachment missing.
3) US M1917/18 TRENCH KNIFE. Overall length: 14″. Blued triangular blade. Steel guard w/ 7 raised pyramidal projections, 1 forming the pommel. Underside of guard is stamped “U.S. L.F.&C. 1917″. 1 Piece formed wood grip. Green finished leather scabbard w/ blued steel throat & tip. Brass belt attachment.
4) ROBBINS DUDLEY MARKED PUSH DAGGER. Overall length: 6 1/4”. A rarely seen dagger w/ aluminum handle marked “ROBBINS DUDLEY” at the base of the finger grip. Upon close examination & comparison w/ other examples, we feel this is an original dagger. It is housed in a leather pistol looking holster that was recently made to protect it.
5) GERMAN G-3 HECKLER & KOCH SHORT BAYONET. Overall length: 12 1/8″. Plain parkerized blade. Iron guard & pommel. 1 Piece black composite grip. No scabbard.
6) MATCH SAFE. A sm. brass match safe w/ a Signal Corps insignia attached to the front. CONDITION: all the fighting knives & bayonets are in serviceable condition & show average use except as noted. Match safe shows moderate wear. (02-12284-21(6)/BF). $700-1,000.

1) NSBO. Height: 8″. Steel top features a hand & forearm grabbing a hammer flanked by a 1/4 of a cogwheel w/ “NSBO” in black on the wheel. Top has dual 2 1/4″ straps w/ 2 holes each for attachment to a pole. CONDITION: top shows light wear overall w/ some paint loss to top of hammer.2) SA. Height: 10 1/4″. Steel top features an eagle sitting on a wreath surrounding a black painted Party symbol. Socket has a single attachment hole & is topped by a bladed ovate spacer. CONDITION: top shows light wear w/ 15% finish loss to the Party symbol.3) NSKOV. Height: 15″. Plated brass top features a wreath partially surrounding a vertical sword surmounted by a black Maltese cross w/ a central Party symbol on a red field. Socket has 2 attachment holes. The NSKOV was an organization to aid seriously wounded war veterans. CONDITION: top is quite sturdy but shows moderate wear to the finish. (02-12286-4(3)/BF). $800-1,100.

1) WWII ANDERSON FIGHTING KNIFE MADE FROM SABER BLADE. Fullered dbl. edged 8 1/4″ blade. Blades were mfg. from Model 1913 Patton cavalry saber blades; blade width approx. 7/8″ in front of handle. Gray plastic molded handle marked on left side “ANDERSON GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA” & right side “MADE IN USA”. Handle has recess on both sides of pommel. Brown leather sheath is marked on back “S-1/41” & added owner’s name “J.A. SUCCOW / U.S. A.A.F.” CONDITION: blade was bright turning gray w/ scattered light spots of oxidation. Blade has been sharpened. Handle has light wear & abrasion w/ notable cracks running along left side. Also has crack extending through both sides of pommel. Sheath has light wear, staining & scuffing, but stitching is tight.
2) WWII ANDERSON FIGHTING KNIFE MADE FROM SABER BLADE. 8 1/4″ Blade is diamond shaped at tip, but has fullers extending 3 7/8″ forward from handle. Blade width approx. 11/16″ wide in front of handle. Black molded plastic handle marked on left side “ANDERSON GLENDALE CALIFORNIA” & on right side “MADE IN USA”. Pommel has recessed holes on both sides. CONDITION: blade has worn appearance turning gray & patina. Has been extensively sharpened. Handle has wear, scratches & gouges throughout.
3) FAIRBAIRN SYKES COMMANDO KNIFE STAMPED AB2 ENGLAND. Has 6 13/16″ dbl. edged diamond profile blade. Straight metal crossguard marked w/ broad arrow, “B2” & “ENGLAND”. Ribbed alloy handle w/ blackened copper colored hue. Leather scabbard marked “ENGLAND” w/ tabs for sewn on attachment. Scabbard has metal tip. CONDITION: blade has traces of blackened finish having been cleaned to mottled gray appearance. Crossguard & handle have blackened appearance. Crossguard has light oxidation & scattered pitting. Leather scabbard has scuffing & flexing, but has tight stitching. Metal tip retains lg. degree of original black finish, but appears serviceable.
4) USMC STILETTO KNIFE W/ WWII CONTRACT SCABBARD. 7 3/16″ Diamond profile dbl. edge blade. Has partly legible “U.S.M.C.” etched marking on left side of blade. Cast checkered alloy handle. Knife is unmarked, except as noted on blade. Cast checkered alloy handle including integral crossguard. Riveted & stitched leather sheath w/ belt hook. Throat has metal “belt lacing” reinforcement. Sheath stamped in ink on both sights “D.J. DI PLACIDO”. CONDITION: knife has been sharpened, wear, staining & scattered very fine pitting. Alloy handle has notable age cracking & crumbling throughout. 1 Piece of guard has separated (included). Brown leather sheath in good condition w/ tight stitching & riveting; has flexing & light staining.
5) MURPHY COMBAT KNIFE. 6″ Single edge bowie type blade. Alloy molded handle has grooving reminiscent of stag appearance. Marked on right side in raised letters “MURPHY COMBAT”, & on left side “USA”. CONDITION: Blade has been sharpened & has light grinding marks. Alloy handle has light wear & staining. Leather sheath has tight stitching & rivets. Sm. cut at throat likely from insertion of knife. (02-12284-23/RW). $500-700.

1) HITLER YOUTH STANDARD BEARERS POLE TOP. Overall height: 14 1/4″. Scarce bayonet like pole top has a 10 1/2″ aluminum blade rising above the aluminum socket. Socket is marked “RZM M3/27″. There are 2 attachment holes in the socket. CONDITION: top shows light wear w/ some scratches on the side of the aluminum.
2) EARLY PARTY FLAG POLE TOP. Overall height: 8”. Steel top features a Party symbol inside a 4 1/2″ circle. No markings. CONDITION: there is some loss of finish to the symbol & socket. (02-12286-5(2)/BF). $700-1,000.

1) 9 U.S. marked military pocket knives w/ bails. All in very good condition by Camillus & Imperial. Can opener blade marked; some screwdriver blades w/ opening stud; 4 Camillus 1987 plus one each 1960 & 1968. 2 Imperial 1964; 1 vintage unmarked w/ finer cross hatch pattern & altered broken bottle opener blade.
2) As new in box nylon sheathed dbl. throwing knives.
3) China machete w/ 14″ blade & nylon sheath.
4) Dacor Japanese diver’s knife w/ leg sheath.
5) L & C #1805 throwing tomahawk.
6) 19″ long spear tip w/ 8 1/2″ dbl. edged blade. Cut at base w/ shaft wood inside. Noticeable oxidation throughout & broken tip.
7) Rusted 10 1/2″ bladed machete w/ hook rivet attached to blunt nosed end. 6 Rivet attached wood handles.
8) 14 1/2″ Bladed dagger w/ Remington Arms w/in left 11″ fuller. Appears made from bayonet w/ wood handle having brass ring & pins.
9) Black curved sheath w/ curve bladed 11 1/2″ bolo style knife. Noticeably cleaned w/ wood handle & alloy ends. W/in sheath is sm. 1 1/2″ bladed dagger.
10) Wood handled knife having 6 1/2″ blade w/ 2″ fullers, marked at hilt “FUNDICION de ARTILLERIA / MEXICO”. Metal hilt & end, handles retained by 3 steel rivets. Cleaned w/ areas of prior heavy pitting.
11) Phillipine style machete; plated curved 15″ blade w/ stylized “Philippines” engraved on right side of blade. Stacked leather handle w/ aluminum rings plus ornate guard & hawk head having green glass eye on right, missing on left. Good overall including sheath.
12) Ornate silver toned 13 1/2″ bladed knife w/ Mid East appearance. Blunt edges of blade & percussion pistol appearing handle. Dent on back side of sheath near bottom. Sanded & oxidized blade.
13) Square bladed mini cleaver w/ aluminum handles retained by 3 brass rivets. Unreadable maker on left side of blade but below marked “Sydney”. Left handle stamped w/ broad arrow plus HN. Leather sheath missing portion for wearing w/ belt loop. Exterior scratched w/ “J.C.S.” plus “13476886”.
14) Collins No. 18 Bolo knife w/ lg. brass hilt & wood handle retained w/ 5 brass rivets; 9 1/4″ cleaned blade. Good no.13 Collins Sheath.
15) Sheathed Imperial machete having folding blade w/ lock that doubles as blade shield when folded. Blunt nosed end w/ abundant cleaned pitting in front third of blade. Light oxidation on guard / lock. Leather sheath w/ dbl. grit stone on inside pouch. Swiveling belt loop & flap having lift the dot snap broken from base. Front marked w/ item, A-1 & inventory #.
16) Same as #15 w/ lighter gage leather & very good condition.
17) Case 10″ blade & hickory handles retained w/ 4 steel rivets. Black finish except for in the white edges between handles.
18) Squared tipped 9 1/2″ blade stamped on left side “UNITED STATES / AIR FORCE”. Edge & tip sharpened w/ nick in blade & cleaned light oxidation. Aluminum handle retained by 3 steel rivets & brass hilt numbered “559”. Good leather sheath marked on back “BONNEY & CLARK Ltd. MAKERS”. Made in Australia. Very few were marked for USAF.
19) Modern iron, hand hammered spearhead measuring approx. 24″ in length. This spearhead is made in a very early style but likely dates to the 20th century. Light wear.
20) Sm. iron axe head w/ a square hammer head on the butt end measuring 4 3/4″ in length & has a dark patina.
21) Modern copper spearhead measuring 8 1/4″ in length w/ a dark patina.
22) Modern copper spearhead measuring 7 1/2″ in length w/ a red patina.
23) Modern copper axe head measuring 5 3/4″ in length w/ a red & black mottled patina. (02-12284-18 & 02-12284-19(31)/NW). $300-500.

1) Top measures 10 1/4″ & features a central WWII German Party insignia surmounted by a WWI Iron Cross. Above this is a Kyffhauserbund shield in red w/ black Maltese cross. Below the central device is a spray of oak leaves & acorns.
2) Top measures 10 3/8″ & features a central WWII German Party insignia surmounted by a WWI Iron Cross. Above this is a Kyffhauserbund shield in silver w/ lighthouse over black, white & red vertical stripes. Below the central device is a spray of oak leaves & acorns.
CONDITION: both Veteran’s flag pole tops show light overall wear. (02-12286-3(2)/BF). $500-800.

1) Phillipine Bolo style 16″ blade noticeably reduced at checkered black plastic handle. Leather sheath burned at tip.
2) Same as # 1 w/ new appearance & tag stating not to remove from sheath until ready to use.
3) Same as #1 w/ 14 1/2″ square tip blade & corresponding sheath. Back of sheath “S.G.T. / T.H.P. / 960th Engr / New / Guinea”.
4) “Ontario Knife / U.S.” marked 12″ blade w/ black handguard grip retained w/ 3 steel rivets & marked “Blackie Collins”. Very good overall. No sheath.
5) “Disston / U.S. / 1945″ marked 18” blade w/ olive drab handles retained by 3 brass rivets (4th rivet missing). Clean blade w/ spots of light oxidation. Fair sheath w/ metal reinforcements at top. Marked “U.S.” on front. Back has web belt fastener & marked “B.M.Co. / 2 / 1945”
6) Extremely rare Collins No. 37 Signal Corp. brush cutting knife from 1906 purchase. Co. markings on left side of blade; right has “S.C.U.S.A.”. Leather washer handle w/ brass ends. Good to very good overall cleaned appearance. Good tool decorated leather sheath w/ belt loop. Top of front has “U.S. / SIGNAL CORP.” over Collins logo above “14”. Well used sheath w/ light damage at tip.
7) Same as # 6 but noticeably better condition.
8) Fair Collins machete w/ 18″ blade plus black handles w/ 3 steel ribbons. Good tooled leather sheath w/ white eyelets securing bottom portion. Band of leather at top for tie securing. Top band has oval w/ “ITJ”.
9) Large, heavy Collins # 1005 Army Engineer machete w/ “V” on right opposite company information on left. Consigner notes blade shaped like No.1 w/ replacement handle like No. 3. Brass band at front of handle w/ steel band at rear; brass retainer threaded to end of blade at end of handle. Collins marked scabbard in fair well used condition having brass tip plus reinforcement band at top. Belt loop (almost severed at top) & reinforcements retained w/ brass rivets. Cleaned blade w/ light pitting. Handle w/ 2 full length cracks & part of another.
10) Same as #9 w/ lesser condition & no “V” on right side of blade. Knife style Coco Bolo handles retained w/ 4 steel rivets; both split full length. Sheath w/ solid belt loop, no logo & heat like damage throughout.
11) Same as #10 w/ much less blade condition; cleaned over heavy pitting. Handles retained w/ brass rivets. Very poor sheath w/ disintegrating condition. (02-12284-13/NW). $1,200-1,800.

1) 1917 Remington 17″ blade w/ flaming bomb proof & additional eagle 21 acceptance mark. Dark green leather covered sheath w/ G.I. belt hook & black metal tip. Upper metal w/ “G.F.” in oval. Leather marked “G.K.” & “C.J.W.”. 2 Grooved wood handles, very good overall condition & appearance.
2) Same as # 1 w/ following differences: eagle 13 acceptance mark; sheath mfg. w/ leather frog plus provision for attachment marked “G.N.K. / 1917”. Similar sheath w/ moderate oxidation on metal. Leather stamped “F.I.C.” & “G.K.”
3) Fair 1917 Remington w/ 9 1/4″ blade having 4″ fullers. Eagle 12 acceptance mark. Wood handles w/ light colored wood reinforcements.
4) 1903 Model 16″ bayonet w/ “O L / 1942” plus grooved plastic handles. White paint throughout blade especially right. Fair to good reparkerized appearance. Very good sheath w/ white paint near tip. “USN / MK 1″ marked.
5) Same as # 4 w/ 10” “U.F.H.” marked blade; no date. Very good set.
6) Same as # 4 but chrome plated. Marked w/ drawing # plus “S A / 1916”. Smooth wood handles w/ sm. chips at bottom of right. Light oxidation at top of sheath & minimal white paint.
7) Poor 1903 16″ bayonet marked “U.F.H. / 1942”. Active oxidation & blade pits but functioning latch.
8) Model 1903 “U.F.H. /1942″ shortened to 9 3/4” w/ full length fullers. Oxidation, marks on handles & missing latch mechanism. Appropriate sheath w/ web belt attachment loop. Moderate oxidation at top of sheath.
9) Same as # 8 w/ “R.I.A. /1918″ marked blade. Better appearing blued finish w/ clear plastic handles & no latch mechanism. Good to very good sheath w/ U.S. Flaming bomb symbol.
10) Adler-Stall / Nederland Fire Axe w/ checkered rubber coated handle. 14 1/2″ Overall plus 8 1/4” blade to pick. Right side of blade stamped “RP4”. Very good unused appearance w/ light marks.
11) Vintage blacksmith type construction w/ wood handle holding two long tangs from head; both cracked near upper third. 12 1/2″ long & 8″ blade to pick. Fair well used condition.
12) Wood handled, olive drab painted foxhole digging tool having unmarked U.S. G.I. appearance. Fully functional. (02-12284-14/NW). $700-1,000.

(4 w/out sheaths & 1 empty sheath).
1) 14 1/2″ Blade w/ moderate to heavy oxidation having bolo type front & black plastic handles retained by 3 brass rivets. Marked “MADE IN SHEFFIELD / ENGLAND”. Japanese reproduction sheath.
2) Parkerized 18″ blade w/ saw back marked “ONTARIO KNIFE / U.S.” Thick black plastic handles w/ lanyard hole retained by 4 steel rivets. Green canvas pouch (too long) w/ belt loop, slight damage at top by saw tooth.
3) Same as # 2 w/out saw back plus black vinyl pouch.
4) Same a # 2 w/ clean pitted blade & canvas pouch for G.I. web belt having saw tooth damage at top.
5) Same appearance as # 2 w/ olive drab handles & blade marked “DISSTON / U.S. / 1945”; no saw back. Rubberized green sheath w/ metal band top marked “U.S.” having web belt hooks on back marked “VICTORY 2 / 1961”. Cleaned pitted blade & good plus sheath.
6) Same as # 5 dated, “1944” w/ light oxidation & no sheath.
7) Collins & Co. # 191 w/ 24″ (wide at front & blunt tipped) blade having black handles retained by 3 steel rivets. Matching tooled brown sheath having co. logo “13” USBPA. Fair worn sheath w/ numerous white spots. Fair appearing re ground, oxidized blade.
8) Collins & Co. 26″ blade w/ paper label on right side near handle. Left side marked “U.S.N. / N.K – 1 / (crown sledge hammer symbol) / LEGITIMUS / COLLINS&CO. / 1942”. 4 steel rivets on handle, light machined blade w/ spots of light oxidation; age appearing canvas sheath w/ canvas belt loop & reinforced band at top. Front marked “U. S. N. / Mk 1”.
9) Phillipine Bolo style 16″ blade noticeably reduced size at checkered black plastic handle. Well made leather sheath w/ scuffs & sm. blade cut. Knife appears new.
10) Same as # 9 w/out sheath.
11) Collins & Co. 24″ blade w/ paper label near handles secured w/ 4 steel rivets. Decorated leather sheath w/ damaged tip. Carved across front w/ “Guatemala”. Unused appearing blade.
12) Rare U.S. Spring & Bumper Co. heavy 17″ blade w/ 1 piece green plastic handle. Protected hilt & blade # 570. Military appearing sheath constructed of resin reinforced material
13) Same as # 12 w/ rusted blade & unreadable hilt; only # 61 visible.
14) Collins & Co. 25″ re ground blade w/ odd shaped tip. Likely originally 26″ blade. Unclear blade marking appears to end in “88”. No sheath.
15) Good worn leather sheath for G.I. web belt. Back marked “U S / ALPCO / 42”.
16) Victor Tool Co. Woodsman’s Pal No. 280 tool w/ guard handle & pull hook at front. Green canvas pouch for G.I. web belt w/ damaged zipper at edge. Good appearing lightly oxidized blade. (02-12284-17/NW). $1,200-1,800.

Standard measures approx. 47″ x 53″ including silver bullion fringe. Standard has a red body w/ a sewn black Party symbol edged in 1/2″ white grosgrain tape. Symbol is surmounted in the center by a striking 17 1/2″ dia. labor shovel w/ dual wheat ears surrounded by a heavily embroidered wreath. / Standard pole top measures 12 1/4″ & is made of aluminum. It features a shovel flanked by wheat ears w/ a Party symbol on the shovel. / Socket is marked “Gebruder Cosack Neheim (Ruhr) ges. gesch. RLAD(in triangle)”. / Tassel is approx. 70″ in length & features a grosgrain like black, red & silver bullion ribbon w/ heavy black & silver bullion tassels at both ends. CONDITION: standard is visually impressive & only shows light wear & minor losses particularly to white edging on 1 side. Pole top shows some oxidation to finish but no damage. Tassel shows minor separations to the ribbon but remains amazingly intact. (02-12286-1(3)/BF). $1,500-2,500.

Monday April 1st

1) ENFIELD 1856 PATTERN SWORD BAYONET WITH SCABBARD. Correct for the Enfield or Snyder rifle. 23 1/2″ Fullered single edge Yataghan blade. Has steel crossguard w/ knob on quillon. Checkered hard rubber grips. Sword marked on right ricasso w/ crown “8” & “12” “view” marks. Right side of crossguard marked “3BY122”. Grips have crown over “12” acceptance mark. Bird’s head pommel has obscured S# “42?2”. Leather scabbard w/ steel throat & tip. Bright blade has oxidation & scattered fine pitting. Balance turning overall patina. Grips show heavy wear. Leather scabbard has wear, flexing & scuffing w/ metal tips turning overall gray & patina.
2) UNMARKED BAYONET. 22 3/4″ Single edged fullered Yataghan blade. Sharply curved quillon. Leather covered grip. Bird’s head pommel. Marked only right ricasso “C”. Bright metal has been cleaned w/ wear, oxidation & scattered fine pitting throughout. Latch button is missing from pommel. Leather grips have scuffing & wear.
3) SOCKET BAYONET. 24 1/4″ Fullered single edge blade. Bayonet is likely for East India Company or Volunteer use. Blade has indistinct marking plus ” * ” on top & on side of shank appears “66”. Blade is patina w/ wear, oxidation & fine pitting throughout.
4) BRITISH PATTERN 1895 303 BRITISH MARTINI ENFIELD BAYONET. Socket bayonet w/ triangular blade 22 1/2″ long w/ locking ring. Blade marked on top rear w/ broad arrow “WD”, “R”, “/88” & “390” lined out. Triangular leather scabbard w/ brass throat & tip. Throat marked “WD”. Bright blade has light wear & scattered light oxidation. Muzzle ring & shank show lg. percentage of original blue w/ oxidation. Scabbard has wear, scuffing & flexing. Brass has appropriate patina.
5) BRITISH PATTERN 1907 BAYONET W/ LEATHER SCABBARD. 17″ Fullered single edged blade. Blade is marked on left ricasso w/ crown “1907 7 15 ANDERSON”. Right ricasso has broad arrow & numerous “view” marks. Smooth walnut grips. Straight crossguard. Leather scabbard has steel throat & tip. Bright blade has been sharpened w/ wear, scattered oxidation & fine pitting throughout. Balance of metal is blue turning patina w/ light oxidation. Grips have denting, wear & scratches. Leather scabbard has wear & scratches, but stitching is tight & appears serviceable.
6) 12 1/2″ SPIKE SKS BAYONET. Quadrangular blade & screwdriver tip in good lightly worn condition.
7) BRITISH NO. 4 MK II BAYONET. 8″ Rnd. spike bayonet marked on right side “No. 4 MK II”. Steel scabbard w/ green web frog. Bayonet & scabbard have light wear & light oxidation. Frog is in good condition.
8) 1895 CHILEAN MAUSER BAYONET. 10″ Fullered single edge blade marked on left ricasso w/ “WEYERSBERG / KIRSCHBAUM & CO / SOLINGEN”. Right ricasso marked w/ Star in shield w/ 3 interlocking circle. Matching numbered steel scabbard. Bayonet & scabbard in very good condition w/ scattered spots of light wear.
9) 1895 CHILEAN MAUSER BAYONET. 10″ Fullered single edge blade marked on left ricasso w/ “WEYERSBERG / KIRSCHBAUM & CO / SOLINGEN”. Bayonet in very good condition w/ scattered spots of light wear.
10) CHILEAN MODEL 1912/1935. 9 7/8″ Fullered single edge blade has Steyr logo marked on left ricasso. Right ricasso has star in shield. Smooth walnut grips. Steel scabbard. Bayonet, grips & scabbard in very good condition w/ scattered spots of light oxidation on crossguard & handle. Scabbard has notable dent on right side.
11) FRENCH MAS 1936. 13″ Quadragular spike bayonet for the MAS Model 1936 rifle. Good condition w/ light wear.
12) YUGOSLAVIAN. 9 3/4″ Fullered single edge blade bayonet. Marked in cyrillic on right ricasso. Bayonets fits Yugoslavian Mauser. Crossguard has muzzle ring. Smooth hardwood grips. Matching steel scabbard. Metal retains lg. degree of original blue finish throughout. Grips have very light wear & staining.
13) SWISS MODEL 1918 BAYONET W/ STEEL SCABBARD. 11 3/4″ Dbl. edge spear point blade. Blade marked on right ricasso “ELSENER / SCHWYZ”. Smooth walnut grips. Bayonet metal is finished bright w/ light wear, dents & scratches. Grips show moderate dents & wear. Scabbard retains 75% original thinning blue. Complete w/ worn leather tab.
14) EGYPTIAN FN MODEL 49 W/ MATCHING STEEL SCABBARD. 8 5/8″ Dbl. edge spear pointed blade. Marked on pommel “S.A. 30 crown / 12” & S#. Metal retain 70% original black finish w/ thinning, wear & scratches. Grips have light wear & staining. (02-12284-1/RW). $700-900.

Tuesday April 2nd

Large assortment of jack knives & folding hunting knives; all good, but most in better condition. Some general highlights to be mentioned: 2 sheathed Schrade folding hunters plus 3 unsheathed. Sm. & lg. sheathed Camillus folding hunters. 2 Stockman knives by Schrade & Kutmaster. 2 Boxed American Blade folding hunters. Boxed Edge Mark large folding hunter. Sears folding hunter. Frost Cutlery large blade folding hunter. well worn S&W Special Ops folder. Japanese faux stiletto switchblade (regular lock blade). Buck 701 pocket knife. Ka-Bar U.S. marked linesman knife. 2 Camillus multi blade pocket knives. Utica cutlery 4 blade pocket knife w/ side shield marked “M.D.-U.S.N.” Challenge cutlery lineman’s knife, well worn w/ stained blades, side shield marked “U,S.No.9829”. As new Schrade 2 blade, “Old Timer”. Schrade “Old Timer” lock blade. Case 2 blade pocket knife. Case Camel cigarettes lock blade. Case medium lock blade. Camillus single blade knife & spoon; fair condition. Case Sodbuster Jr. 2 lg. Swiss Army knives (1 Chinese, 1 authentic) & one medium; 4 Winchester folding lock blades & 7 credit card sized stainless multi tools. Lg. folding lock blade w/ blued finish & military style checkered plastic handles marked “G.R.MICH.” & hacksaw blade. “John Kubasuk ABL 008” all metal folder. Orange sheathed & handled “Gators” marked Buck 422 folder. Schrade Taylor designed camo folder. S&W extreme ops. folder. Western S-522 folder. 2 Kutmaster TL-29 linesman knives. Gerber folding hunter. Case 059L all metal folder. Inox folding lock blade hunter. Fair to good RJ Richter single blade folder. Ka-bar sm. folder. 2 Sm. Kershaw folders. Kutmaster stockman’s knife. Fair Camillus linesman knife. Buck 505 w/ oxidized blades. Cattaraugus linesman knife; fair to good. Winchester knife, nail file & scissors. Wenger knife, nail file & scissors. Gerber folding pocket knife. Fair Camillus linesman knife. Victorinox knife, nail file & scissors. Approx. 20 more misc. knives of lesser quality & overseas mfg. (02-12284-15/NW). $300-500.

Flat top upper w/ 8 3/8″ bbl. (9 5/8″ including A-2 flash hider) in 300 AAC Blackout cal. (1 In 8 twist). 6 3/4″ Quad rail handguard w/ INFORCE LED tactical light plus MBUS sight set. Standard forward assist & shell deflector. Hardened Arms charging handle. Bolt head marked “MPI/9310”. CONDITION: all aspects near excellent. (02-11868/NW). NON-GUN. $250-400.

1) Cal .75. Brass cannon measures 8″ in length w/ 3/4″ trunnions & 3/4″ knob at the breech. Unrifled bore. CONDITION: exterior wears scattered numerous markings from casting process w/ a peppering of dark marks on the brass. Bore shows some fouling.
2) 1 3/4″ Bore. Bbl. 12 7/8″ long w/ overall length 14 3/4″ including knob. Bbl. dia. measures 3″. Black finished bbl. is lightly tapered from front to rear w/ 1 5/8″ step at the breech end. CONDITION: retains better than 90% black finish w/ trunnions showing the greatest finish wear. Bore is rusty w/ noticeable fouling.
3) 1 5/8″ Mortar bore. 10″ Bright black bbl. w/ 3 7/8″ dia. Overall length 11″ w/ bright metal trunnions. CONDITION: retains 90% black finish w/ finish loss attributed to chipping not wear. Bore is bright, appearing unfired.
4) 1 1/4″ Bore. 16 5/8″ Stepped tapered bbl. 2 1/2″ Muzzle dia. 3 1/8″ Aia at breech. Overall length 18 5/8″ including knob. Black finish including trunnions. CONDITION: exterior of cannon shows numerous areas of oxidation w/ some pitting. Bore shows some areas of light pitting w/ overall fouled condition.
5) 1″ Bore. 3 3/8″ muzzle dia. 21″ bbl. Overall length 23″ including knob. Construction is of intricately turned brass w/ low set trunnions & numerous steps along bbl. contour. CONDITION: brass shows numerous light scratches but remains bright. Bore remains bright & unmarked.
6) 1″ Bore. Muzzle dia. 2 1/4″. Bbl. length 18 1/4″. Overall length 20″ including knob. Bbl continually tapered from breech to muzzle. 3 1/4″ dia. at breech. Black finish. Cannon rides in a wooden carriage on wooden wheels. Carriage height 6″ & 7 1/4″ including wheels. Width 5 1/2″ & 9 1/2″ including wheels & axles. Carriage is of a stepped design. Trunnions are held to carriage using copper straps. CONDITION: retains 75% black finish w/ areas of moderate oxidation. Bore is rough but sound.
7) 1/2″ Bore. 3/4″ Muzzle dia. A scale model of the Dahlgren 1861 cannon on carriage. Overall length of bbl. 6″. A handsome scale model, this is complete w/ rivets, chains, woven rope & iron rims on wooden spoke wheels. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: styrofoam inner box w/ no outer sleeve. CONDITION: overall near excellent. (02-12287-1/TB). $400-600.