Springfield 1866 Allin Conversion Officer’s Sporting Rifle.
inv # 01-16338

Caliber: 50-70

Barrel: 32 5/8″ rnd. Right side, forward of receiver is stamped “X”

Sights: German silver blade Rocky Mountain style front sight w/ graduated leaf rear sight

Stock: Band fastened straight grip stock has pewter nose cap, standard musket buttplate stamped “US” at peak & wrap around hand checkering at wrist.

Markings: Breech block is dated 1870 over eagle’s head & US marking. Lockplate is dated 1863 behind hammer w/ eagle & shield forward of hammer followed by “U.S. SPRINGFIELD”.

MFG: Exact quantities to the 1866 rifles are unknown, however an estimated 100 were altered by Springfield Armory in the late 1860’s & early 1870’s.

Status: Antique

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