Craig was born in Troy, New York August 4, 1942 but at a very early age moved with his parents to West Springfield, Massachusetts where he grew up and later met his wife of 53 years, Mary Ellen. When Craig was thirteen his uncle, also named Craig, gave him a German Luger which he had brought back as a war trophy from Germany in 1945. So began Craig’s interest in firearms and collecting. His collecting interest started with German military firearms.  While in college, which was two miles from the Springfield Armory, his interests shifted to American military firearms, specifically in Government 45 automatics. His first job after college was as a manager of a Sears Robuck & Company in Middletown, CT located twenty miles from the Colt factory & museum. However, his continued interest and dedication in collecting continued. After ten years Craig changed jobs and moved with his family to Corning, New York. Through this time his interest grew in collecting Government 45’s, and now he had access to both the Remington Rand Company and the Ithaca Gun Company.

Besides collecting firearms, Craig has enjoyed hunting and fishing throughout the United States & Canada. Noted author on .45 auto pistols, Chuck Clawson, became a good friend after he and his wife visited to look over and photograph some of the guns in Craig’s collection. Chuck later included these in his well-known books on the histories and use of the venerable 45’s.

After sixty-four years of collecting, Craig has decided to pass his collection on to those who he hopes will enjoy them as much as he has.

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