inv# 21-996

Cal. 8×57 Mauser.
S# 10799.
Bbl. 23 1/4″.

This version was submitted to US Army trials chambered in .276 Pedersen, but was unsuccessful. Reportedly General Chang Tso-lin’s Chinese army received 150 ZH 29s and 100 ZH 32s. Arms procurement in China in this era was erratic due to various generals purchasing their own arms on the world market. Characters in white on right side of buttstock translate to “Tchi – Ai – Ke – Ko — Small – Arm” or simply “Czech Rifle”. Consignor states perhaps this ZH32 was captured in Korea as he was told it had been traded for a GI 45 Auto in 1974. The serial range on the ZH 32 is unknown but most likely no more than 200 were made. The serial range may be 10600-10800.A ZH 36 produced in 1936 is serial number 10808. There were probably 200 ZH36’s made and the Z37s appear to start at number 11000 as known serial numbers are 11011, and 11012. After the ZH 29, all improvements are very rare. To the best of our knowledge this example of a ZH32 is the only known example in the U.S. Receiver marked on left side “CESKAOSLOVENSKA ZBROJOVAA, AKCIOVA SPOLECNOST BRNO”. Receiver marked on top rear “ZH 32” and tiny Czech rampant lion. Serial number matches on receiver and bayonet lug. Tangent rear sight graduated to 1400m. Inverted “V” front sight with protective hood. This rifle was an improved version of the ZH 29, with upgrades including cleaning rod, which is present, and provision for side as well as bottom swivels. Matching walnut stock and handguards. Buttstock has grooved sheet metal buttplate.

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