inv# 21-352

Cal. 45 ACP. S# CJ47440 / CJ46564.

These outstanding unique pieces of art are incredibly 100% full coverage elegant deep chisel hand engraved reminiscent of great 19th-century engravers but improved. Weldon in fact stated in an early interview that he considers his style American/Nimschke. Like Nimschke, Weldon spends considerable time in design “because a bad design is still a bad design, no matter how well it is cut”. Weldon’s unique combination of classical scrolls and geometric design flows wonderfully from muzzle to hammer, and from slide to magazine flawlessly. The finish on these guns is described as “French Gray”, which appears as satiny silver w/ dark backgrounds. Pistols are in their original configuration w/ exception of more elegant Model 1911 Government model long spur hammers w/ longer lines & more surface area engraved.

This pair were commissioned in 2014, each signed under grips in script “Wel ‘14”. Originally commissioned by client w/ initials “LG” which are boldly carved in relief bottom of grips. Weldon a 3rd generation arms engraver developed his unique technique of inlaying steel on steel. This pair of pistols required over 650 hours to complete. They are perfectly balanced in design, magnificently relief engraved, elevating this pair among the upper echelons of high art contemporary firearms. Weldon Lister Jr (1962-), from Boerne, TX is “FEGA Certified Master Engraver” which is the highest designation given by the “Firearms Engravers Guild of America”. Weldon officially began his engraving apprenticeship in 1979 at the age of 17, studying w/ his multi talented father also a master engraver W.E. Lister, Sr (1923-2009) who had earlier career as 6′ 7″ “Big Bill” Lister country music recording artist appearing on “Grand Ole Opry.” Apprenticing w/ a master engraver took years off the huge learning curve & I whole heartedly recommend it to anyone (if at all possible) who has the desire to be an engraver”, states Weldon. During the summer of 2006 Weldon also had the opportunity to study w/ Phillipe Griffnee at the Grand Masters class held at the GRS factory in Emporia, Kansas. “GRS has a fully equipped training facility & they are also great folks; the “06 Grand Master’s definitely isn’t going to be my last class at GRS states Weldon” He again had the opportunity to attend the Grand Master’s program in 2007, this time studying w/ the iconic American Master engraver Winston Churchill. “What an honor it was to be able to study with Winston” says Weldon! Weldon is among a dying breed of traditional “old school” artists still using only hammer & chisel. Power tool assisted engraving is the norm today. Weldon has won numerous awards & recognition among his peers and many well known clients for his custom guns & is expert in many engraving styles including: American/ Nimschke, black forest deep relief (subject here), fine German & English scrolls. In addition to bulino scenes he does raised relief figures, game scenes & portraits in both steel & precious metal inlays/overlays.

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