inv# 02-15050

Cal. 3″. S# 855. Bbl. 69″.

The Model 1861 Ordnance Rifle was the most popular and widely manufactured cannon of the Civil War, over 1100 made 1861-1865. This example is gorgeous and mounted on premier regulation carriage made by Tom Bailey, Woodstock, Georgia. This was the workhorse of US Artillery and captured guns were used by Confederates, several quite famously. Ordnance Rifles were all made at the Phoenix Iron Co., Phoenixville, PA. This example was made early 1865 and so dated. This gun was very accurate at almost a mile, was extremely rugged, durable, and safe. 3″ Projectiles used included Hotchkiss, Schenkel, Parrott. This was truly a breakthrough in artillery serving for over 20 years after the Civil War to the advent of breech loading steel guns. 69″ Barrel, carriage 80″ wide (axle to axle), 131″ overall on carriage, (about 1700 pounds), 816 pound cannon, 900 pound carriage, retains pendulum sight base affixed at breech, front sight post is missing. Trunnions are clearly marked “PHOENIX / IRON CO” on left and right: DEC 9Th 1862 / PATENTED” Muzzle marking: “No. 855”, “P. I. Co.”, “1865”, “816 lbs”, “S.C.L.” (inspector Stephen Carr Lyford 1863-1865).

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