inv# 21-1024

Cal. 30 US (30-40 Krag).
S# 46843.
Bbl. 28″ rnd. of Nickel Steel.

Pinned blade Lyman bead front sight, Lyman No. 6 two folding leaf rear sight & Lyman No. 21 “Climbin Lyman” receiver sight. Blue finish. Straight hand factory checkered stock of XXX walnut. Top tang channel is stamped w/ assembly # “19053” followed by the Model 95 designation. Bottom stock channel above mainspring is stamped w/ S# “46843”. Back of stock under buttplate is stamped “FRED GOODWIN / SILVER RIDGE MAINE”. Inside of action tangs are not marked. Special extra length forearm of matching XXX walnut measures 16 3/8″ is held by 2 screws. Features include ebony tip, point pattern hand checkered w/ uncheckered diamond around front attachment screw. Bbl. channel has matching S# “46843” & 2 strips of added lead weight measuring 3 1/4″ & 3 1/2″.

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